Upcoming trips

Carina Räihä Oy organises adventure and sports trips to best locations in the world providing highly tailored, unique and personal experiences for individuals and companies wanting to provide their staff with an experience of a lifetime. 

In addition to several group tours for individuals, Carina Räihä Oy has successfully organised prize tours to company staff combining a challenge (for example climbing a small mountain) with motivational feedback session in the form of an inspirational lecture with Carina Räihä. 

Carina Räihä Oy specialises in unique experiences with high quality, personal customer service and well-thought once-in-a-lifetime moments every step of the way usually offered one time only.

We are currenlty working on new trips and you will find information on this page as soon as it is available!

Welcome back to check on new trips and welcome on tours organised by Carina Räihä!
You are also welcome to suggest and ask for an offer for a trip tailored specifically to you or your company!

Contact Carina Räihä for offers and suggestions: carina@carinaraiha.com