Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp trek

This is our second day at 3500 metres in Namche Bazaar on our way to Everest Base Camp. We flew from Kathmandu to Lukla, from where we have continued our journey passing small mountain villages crossing a river every now and then. The days pass by fast while we are trekking and taking care of ourselves. Acclimatization, i.e. adapting to the thin air, has gone well, although nearly half of the group has suffered more or less from upset stomach. Yesterday we saw Everest for the first time and we could see the storm clouds and the powerful storm wind blowing on the top. Some other gigantic mountains in the Himalaya range such as Ama Dablam, Lhotse and Thamserku are in sight, too.

The night before leaving Kathmandu, I kept replaying the previous days in my mind and I slept only for two hours. Visiting the orphanage supported by Mano a Mano surprised me positively. The children were really happy and in good health. I can’t help but wonder how people who come from such poor conditions know English so well and are so educated already at an early age. On the last night WWF Nepal sent me greetings wishing me good luck. I got a Kata scarf from WWF Nepal to bring me good luck along the way.

It was good to get to the mountains and out of the polluted Kathmandu air, although the living conditions are quite poor here as well. I don’t enjoy eating here and the hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. However, our living conditions are luxurious compared to those of the poor locals who luckily get at least some extra income from the mountain tourism. Tomorrow we will continue our slow way up adapting our bodies to the thin air. After today’s acclimatization trek up to 3800 metres we will be sleeping at a lower altitude. This helps the adaptation to the lower level of oxygen.