Adventure Base Camp Turkey

Carina Räihä paragliding Turkey

Goynuk Canyon

Goynuk Canyon

Carina Räihä Goynuk canyon canyoning

Göynuk canyon

Göynuk canyon

Göynuk canyon

Carina Räihä paragliding Tahtali Dagi

Carina Räihä paragliding Mt. Olympos

Carina Räihä paragliding Mt. Olympos

Paragliding Mt.Olympos

Carina Räihä paragliding

Carina Räihä yoga

Alkan and Pia yoga in Kovankaya

Beldibi Turkey yoga

Beldibi beach Turkey

Leaving for Mt. Olympos in the dark

Mt. Olympos, our trekking summit, seen from air

Sunrise on Mt. Olympos trek

Views from flying from Mt. Olympos

Köprulu canyon


Rafting in Köprulu canyon

Celebrations by open fire after rock climbing day

Petra getting ready for first climb

Rock climbing in Olympos: Kadir’s tree houses

Rock climbing Olympos

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