Back to Nepal

Back to Nepal -trip







Porters and their loads

Monks on the way

Back to Nepal -camp site

Crossing a suspension bridge

Mani wall

A local

Back to Nepal- team camp lunch

Pikey Peak views

Top of Pikey Peak

Back to Nepal- team on top of Pikey Peak

Mingmar setting up prayer flags

Ulla and Marja, the funds collectors and tour leaders of Back to Nepal

Mingmar sherpa and his son Pasang Rinji and Mingmar’s company banner

Flight from Phaplu to Kathmandu

Back to Nepal trek end cake

Warm welcome to Damar

Welcome at Damar with Lama and villagers

Ulla, Marja and Mingmar with new roofs and villagers

Ulla and Marja with pullovers to be donated

Trekkers helping with carrying the new roofs up, here Johanna showing the way

Home distroyed by earthquake in Damar

Donations to Pemba’s dogs

Owens and chimneys bought with donations to all in Damar village

Damar home still warmed and cooking with open fire only

Bridge built with donation funds at Nalidanda school

Donations to Nalidanda school

Children waiting for the donations

Children’s performance at Dhikure school donations

Donations at Kathmandu orphanage

Donations to Animal Nepal

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