The End of the Mini Vacation

Carina Räihä Everest_rest in Pheriche

Tomorrow morning we will all head back to Base Camp to wait for the final push to the summit. The route to the summit with all the fixed ropes will probably be ready today, but according to the weather forecasts, it’s going to be too windy and too cold at the top for the summit attempt. Some climbers might try to reach the top already within the next couple of days during the weather window, but the attempt will be dangerous and the risk of getting frostbitten and failing is huge. And so we will wait for the next weather window like most of the other expeditions. According to the forecast, it should exist again around May 15th.

After this five day rest period, I feel stronger and I am full of energy and enthusiasm. Soon all the preparations, which have lasted for over a month, will culminate in the summit push filled with hopes and expectations, not forgetting the risks. It is hard to stay calm and wait for the right moment for the summit push. I am filled with positive excitement: soon the moment I’ve been working for for quite some time is at hand! I have done my best so far and it feels like I’m in good shape physically and acclimatization-wise. From now on, all I can do, is keep my fingers crossed for good weather and for me being strong enough both mentally and physically to reach the goal. At times when it’s been harder, my faith has really been tested, but now I believe in my chances, which has also been encouraging for me to hear from the professional climbers in our expedition. I believe in our expedition and I wish great success to all the wonderful people who are part of it.

Anyhow, everything I have experienced on this journey so far has been amazing and unforgettable. I am in high spirits and can’t wait for the climax. You will hear more from me from Base Camp before the final push!