Still Waiting

Everest from Kala Pathar

The route to the summit is ready but according to the weather forecasts, the wind is getting stronger and therefore the summit push has been delayed. Many mountaineers have descended from Base Camp to Pheriche or even to lower villages to wait for more favourable weather. So, we will stay here and rest for a while before heading back to Base Camp.

According to the latest news, a few climbers have begun their final push to the summit during the short weather window. If the weather is favourable they will reach the summit in a few days. However, the attempt is risky because it’s supposed to get windier in a couple of days and the weather is freezing. Right now it seems that our expedition will push for the summit on May 18th if the weather is on our side. Until then we will continue resting and preparing for the last ascent.

Basically, you only have one chance to summit Everest, so the timing is of the essence. Despite the wait, everything is fine and we have quite liked our stay here is Pheriche. We have enjoyed the good food, beverages and each other’s company, so we don’t really mind the wait. The days go by chatting with other climbers and trekkers and at the moment there are three other Finnish groups staying at the same lodge with me. There are Joni, Mikko and Tomi, who are climbing with the Everest-Lhotse expedition, Mika and Timo from the Ascensio expedition and Mikko Valanne, who descended to Pheriche today and whose goal is to summit Lhotse. All in all, we are doing fine here in Pheriche. If not sooner, more news later from Base Camp!

Best regards to all, Carina