Climb your own Mount Everest

carina raiha speaking

Carina’s incredible journey from banking to the top of Mt. Everest inspires both individuals and corporate managers to make brave decisions in order to reach their goals and shows a real­ life example that even the seemingly impossible is possible if you want it bad enough. Carina’s motivational speech will give you tools to climb your own “Everest” and reach your personal or professional goals.

Climbing the highest mountain in the world is one of the most demanding challenges for the human body and mind. One of the greatest lessons from this unique, symbolic journey, is that surprisingly, the very same factors that take you to the top of a physical mountain, can make you succeed in any other as difficult or distant professional or private life goal.

Carina’s inspirational talk will give you the tools to climb your own “Everest” and reach your goals. The lecture will provide climbing tools to the top for an individual, team or a whole company alike. This presentation will inspire to make brave decisions, overcome difficulties and pursue your own mountain tops.

The sky is the limit on what we can pursue, if our attitude is as strong as if we were climbing on Everest. If we want to grow, we must step outside our comfort zone without fear of failure, which is just a tool for growth on the way to success.

Strong motivation is the most important factor that takes you to the top. In the face of difficulties, we must be brave enough to search a way through, over or around the obstacle. Together with a team, reaching the goal will be not only easier but also more enjoyable.

Topics of Carina’s motivational speeches:

  • How it is possible to climb even the highest mountain in the world­-climbing gear to the top!
  • To the top of your own Everest -­find and climb your own mountain!
  • Make your dreams / goals come true!
  • Motivation takes you to the top­ -everything is possible if you want it bad enough!
  • Top to top ­-life change and Everest!
Themes of the lectures:

  • ­Reaching difficult or even impossible goals, exceeding your limits
  • ­Preparing for and achieving goals
  • ­Courage to change, adopt new ways of operating and make difficult decisions
  • ­Inspiration, real motivation, satisfaction, belief in oneself
  • ­Risk assessment and management
  • ­Confronting fears and obstacles
  • ­Co­-operation / Teamwork
  • ­Reward for reaching the goal
All this combined with an exciting and entertaining story of a journey to the highest mountain in the world presented with a unique set of photos from Mt. Everest!

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